Researching old houses

images researching old houses

Be your own archaeologist. Sanborn maps representing the period from about to are generally available for Indiana cities. Our legal description is for the north side of the lot. Insider's Tip As you read, look for motivations and connections. The land records section contains a wealth of information hidden in land patents, land case entries, farm ownership, rehabilitation records and more among the ten million individual land records archived with the office.

  • 7 Online Tools to Trace the History of Your House

  • Here are 10 ways to research the story behind an older or historic in the basement can tell you a lot about how old your house might be.

    Every old house has a story to tell. Find out when your home was built, who lived there, and how they changed it. Here are some practical tips for learning more about the history of your house and its occupants.
    You never know if an agricultural journal profiled Farmer John Kimball or if an architectural trade magazine highlighted your house.

    The Van Nuys Farmhouse remains in the same family since its construction in and closely resembles the illustration in the atlas.

    images researching old houses

    Stay informed by joining our newsletter! In addition to consulting the previously mentioned county histories for such information, consult biographical indexes for other leads.

    But these days, most records are online and available with a few clicks. Generally, they are stored at city hall in departments that vary from city to city. Trust me.

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    images researching old houses
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    Local historical societies and museums are a great source of information for old-house researchers.

    Census data from the s and early s includes such illuminating information as the names of all those living in a household at the time, their ages, occupations, places of birth, and sometimes more. Jot down the name of the first owner, the year it was built, the year the original owner sold it, and the names of the owners since then, as well as the years they bought and sold the property.

    Examine population censuses to document the existence of a house for a given census year, find the name of original and subsequent owners of your house, discover details about the previous occupants of your house including names, occupations, country of birth, and if there were other household members such as children or boarders. Last Name.

    Researching your historic home is an exciting process—follow these basic steps to start digging into the past of the place you call home.

    images researching old houses

    There are a wide range of resources available if you want to start researching the history of your house, from archives to local studies centres. Researching the history of a property is as easy as using these five publicly helped you buy the house—there's always the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Some cities have historic maps that you can search by address.
    Maps are great resources, too.

    If the house is in a locally designated historic district, the preservation commission may have historical information about the building. Beginning incensus records include the names and number of people living in a house.

    images researching old houses

    You may be fortunate to find an abstract for your house. Sanborn map of Canaan,

    images researching old houses
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    Other resources can provide information to help you restore or repair your building.

    In recent years, many of these early atlases have been reprinted by historical societies and may be available for purchase or online. Help us discover 1, places where American women have left their mark.

    7 Online Tools to Trace the History of Your House

    If listed in the National Register, you can download a copy of the nomination form, which describes its original and present state, and explains its history and owners. He also relies on reference librarians, newspaper archives and long-time residents. You might find an original real estate ad that describes the home and perhaps identifies the builder or architect.

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    1. The Maryland Room is open to University of Maryland students, faculty, and staff; faculty, students, and staff from other colleges and universities; local, national, and international scholars; and members of the general public. While some counties offer online searches, not all counties are the same.